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Many people with allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities have trouble when they travel. Family and friends may have pets. Guest rooms may be dusty . Hotels may use cleaning products that are irritating. Many hotels now offer smoke free rooms, and hypoallergenic bedding. You can call ahead to request non toxic cleaning services. You may encounter recent painting, renovations or pesticide treatments. Other people may not understand how important it is to avoid asthma and allergy triggers.

Several of the Austin Air filters are lightweight enough to be carried easily on a trip. If you have children with asthma, this can be great. The filter will clean a single room on high. The Allergy Machine Jr and Baby’s Breath only weigh 12 lbs. You can place it near the bed and sleep in a pocket of pure air.

Traveling with an Austin Air filter can help make all the difference in having a good time !