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Quilters and Crafters

Quilters and crafters can get lost in their workrooms for hours, I should know !
If you have asthma or allergies, the fabric dust is unavaoidable and using an austin air filter has been great for me. Certain materials such as glues, adhesives, sizing, ironing synthetics , paints, markers and all kinds of creative materials can compromise your air quality and affect your health. Especially if you are involving children in fun projects you should be careful to protect them.
The Austin air filters are especially effective because they filter both particualtes such as fine dust ( the kind you can see when the sun is shining just right thru the window) and chemical vapors such as the fumes from markers or glues. I recommend non toxic Elmers white glue for kids.
With your Austin Air filter in the room you can be assured you are filtering 99.97 % of particulates with the HEPA filter and hundreds of chemicals with the carbon filter. You can use it on low most of the time and use high for a fast recirculation….and happy projects !