Pet Machine replacement filter White


Austin Air filters are designed to last for 5 years with normal residential use.

HEPA filter 60 square feet of true surgical medical grade HEPA

Carbon filtration 15 lbs carbon/zeolite with added ammonasorb

Prefilter All replacement filters come with a prefilter

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Austin Air filters are designed to last for 5 years with normal residential use.
The cost of filter replacements are a big factor in the overall expense of purchasing an air filter. Many carbon filters must be replaced every 6 months to be effective.

How do I change the filter ?
It is very simple. Take out 4 screws from the bottom to remove the bottom metal plate. Pull out the old filter. Insert the new filter. Replace bottom plate and screws.

Can I use a different filter than the original ?
Yes, the metal housing is the same for all standard and junior models. So you can change the type of filter you use. For example, If you bought a Health Mate and then got a dog, you could put the Pet Machine filter in your original unit.

When should I change my filter?
Every 5 years. However, if you have had unusual exposures, you will know it is time to replace the filter when you have reduced air flow or notice a change in the smell of the filtered air.

What would cause a filter to fill up in less than 5 years?
Using the air cleaner in an area having many pets, new carpeting, paint fumes,
heavy smoking, urban pollution, photo studio, etc will diminish the filter’s life

Please Note: If your unit was manufactured prior to August of 1995, this filter will not fit. You must contact customer service for assistance at 1-800-724-8403.

All replacement filters come with a prefilter, get a white one for the light colored units and a black one for the dark units.