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Austin air filters are very effective at removing pollen. The HEPA filter will remove 99.99% of all pollen.

Many people who are symptom free will have spring allergies which can also trigger asthma.

Using an Austin Air filter inside, especially at night in the bedroom, can reduce your pollen exposure during peak season.There is a lot you can do to minimize exposure during pollen season

Knowing daily variations in pollen concentrations can help you plan activities.. Pollen counts are lowest just before and after daybreak, before the sun dries the dew off pollen bearing plants. The highest counts are in the early morning when plants and trees release the pollen as it dries. In mid afternoon pollen grains float higher in the sky and after sundown it falls to the ground. Dusk generally has a high concentration. Sleeping with windows open can expose you to a lot of pollen at night.
Weather conditions affect pollen counts. A dry windy day has higher counts because it blows around easily over large areas. Warm sunny days promote production. It is most clear  after a rain.
After outdoor activities change clothes and shower. Take off shoes. Pets can bring pollen in on their fur.

The area where you live will affect pollen counts. A good resource is which will give you daily pollen counts.

Pollen season is the time of year when people think about getting an air filter. It is a great investment because it really does make a difference in your health. The standard filter will clean a 1500 square foot room. All the filters have a medical grade HEPA filter which is the gold standard for pollen removal.