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Pets and People

Many people love their pets but not the extra cleaning and smells that go along with them. The Pet Machine is especially designed to deal with the odors associated with having pets in your home. The carbon filter has added ammonasorb which provides extra filtration of ammonia and sulfuric acid which is often present in homes with pets.

The Centers for Disease Control states
“Most households in the United States have at least one pet. Some of the health benefits of pets are listed below.
Pets can decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, feelings of loneliness
Pets can increase your opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities, opportunities for socialization”

Children and older people often have meaningful connections with their pets.
However, people with asthma and allergies may react to pet dander.
Dander is very lightweight and difficult to remove from an area.
Animal dander can be spread throughout a home by a forced air heating and cooling system. It can be difficult to completely remove all dander from carpeting, furniture and bedding. The Austin Air HEPA filter will significantly reduce the levels of pet dander from the air.

Homes with dogs, cats, birds and other pets often have a telltale smell despite keeping your home clean. The superior carbon filtration system developed by Austin Air can give you the clean fresh air you want for yourself and visitors to your home.

Austin Air True Medical Grade HEPA removes 99.97% of all particles larger
than .3 microns, removes 95% of all particles larger than .1 microns which includes pollen, dust , mold, viruses, bacteria and animal dander.
Carbon filter removes hundreds of chemicals, smoke , fragrances, pet odors

Many people find pets to be a wonderful addition to their household. With the Austin Air filter, you can enjoy your pets and still have the clean, fresh home you want.