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Office Exposures

Austin Air filters can make it possible to be at work and reduce symptoms of exposure to allergens and irritants. Putting a filter next to your desk and pointing the airstream so you are sitting in a stream of filtered air can give you a safe zone.

Many people are in an office environment that is affecting their health but are not able to change it. There are numerous challenges for those with respiratory illness and chemical sensitivities. The building itself may have problems with mold, poor ventilation, renovations, pesticide treatments, new carpets or other materials that are offgassing toxic chemicals. The toner from copy machines, markers, and cleaning supplies can cause illness. Clients and other employees may wear perfume, fabric softener in their clothes or other scented products. Even fragrance free workplaces cannot eliminate vendors, customers, or patients who come to the office.

Many workplaces have unique air quality issues. These include
beauty salons which use solvents like nail polish, scented or caustic hair products Laboratories use numerous chemicals.
Funeral homes use formaldehyde.
Auto repair and paint and body shops, with VOC’s and welding fumes
Veternarians  use flea dips and have animal dander

Asthma accounts for about 10.1 million missed work days for adults annually. Workplace conditions, such as exposure to fumes, gases or dust, are responsible for 11% of asthma cases worldwide

Many offices are willing to purchase Austin Air Filters for their employees. Improved productivity and reduced absentee days make it cost effective and keep experienced employees happy. These are often deductible office expenses.