How to Choose Air Filters

Austin Air filters have 5 different filtration systems designed for specific air quality conditions and desired use.

Compare Austin Air Series

HealthMate HealthMate Plus Allergy Machine Pet Machine Bedroom Machine
HEPA Filter yes yes yes yes yes
4 Stage Filtration yes yes yes yes 5 stage filtration
Carbon/zeolite filter yes With added potassium iodide no With added ammonasorb yes
HEGA filter no no yes no yes
Special features Excellent for normal home use Extra formaldehyde removal Good for small particle removal such as smoke and odors Extra sulfuric acid, ammonia removal for pet odors Filters particles at the nano level
Recommended For Home, workplace, asthma, allergies, best for chemically sensitive New construction, remodeling, new carpets, beauty salons, labs Asthma, allergies, bedrooms and travel with children Dogs, cats, birds, all pets, removes pet dander and odors Enhanced sleep with no irritants or allergens, for respiratory problems

Difference in Series
All models have the same true medical grade HEPA filters and prefilters.
The different series have different carbon filtration designed for specific chemical removal.

The HealthMate series is the best overall filtration for normal use. It is the most economical. The carbon/zeolite blend is very well tolerated by those with chemical sensitivities.

The HealthMate Plus is recommended for areas with high concentrations of formaldehyde or ammonia .The carbon /zeolite blend is impregnated with potassium iodide for enhanced removal of formaldehyde and chemicals. These may be found in new home construction materials, new carpets, beauty salons and laboratories.

The Allergy Machine and Baby’s Breath are especially designed for those with allergies and asthma. The Allergy machine junior and the baby’s breath use the same filtration system. The only difference is the color selection. The carbon filter is a HEGA filter,( high effeciency gas absorbtion). The HEGA is comprised of a True Medical HEPA filter placed outside an advanced military carbon cloth which absorbs odors and gases. It can be more effective for those who smoke or are in more contact with odor sources. The placement prolongs the life of the HEPA filter. It is lighter weight.

The Pet Machine has a special carbon filter to filter the odors associated with pets, dogs, cats, birds and many others.The Carbon/ Zeolite Blend is impregnated with ammonasorb for enhanced removal of ammonia and sulfuric acid ( which are often present with animals)

The Bedroom Machine is the most advanced filter designed by Austin Air for John Hopkins University. It has 5 filtration stages with true medical HEPA, carbon/zeolite and HEGA carbon military cloth to capture a wide array of particulates, chemicals, gases at the nano level.

About Air Filter Size

Standard Size Junior Size
Area filtered 1500 sq ft at 2 exchanges per hour 700 sq ft at 2 exchanges per hour
HEPA filter medical grade 60 square feet 30 square feet
Carbon Zeolite filter
HEGA filter
15 lbs carbon or HEGA carbon military cloth 6.5 lbs carbon or HEGA carbon military cloth
Airflow rate 400 cubic feet per minute on high 200 cubic feet per minute on high
Air Filter Size 23” tall x 14.5” wide 16” tall x 11” wide
Wheels Yes No
Weight 45 lbs health mate
45lbs Health Mate Plus
45 lbs pet, Bedroom Machine
35 lbs allergy machine
18 lb Health Mate Jr
18 lb Health Mate Jr Plus
12 lb Allergy Machine
12 lb Baby’s Breath
Power Consumption High 115 watts
Med 83 watts
Low 56 watts
High 66 watts
Med 55 watts
Low 50 watts

Austin Air filters are available in 2 sizes, standard and junior or baby’s breath. The smaller size will clean one room. The standard will clean several rooms. However, the amount of air that passes thru the filter is affected by the fan setting(low, medium, high), the amount of pollutants present in the room. A larger unit on high will clear a room more quickly. An enclosed space with the doors shut will provide more filtration. If you are in an open space such as an office reception area, you can have a standard unit next to your desk to create a safe air space for working.The amount of filtration material varies between sizes.The HEPA filter and the carbon material is twice as much in the standard size. Size and weight vary. The standard has wheels so it can be moved from room to room. The smaller models are lighter and easier to travel with.

Capacity: 1500 square feet at 2 air exchanges per hour (standard size),700 square feet at 2 exchages per hour (junior, babys breath)

Airflow rate for fan speeds (cubic feet per minute), High 400 cfm medium 200 cfm, Low 75cfm (standard), High 200 cfm medium 100 cfm low 50 cfm (junior and babys breath)

HEPA filter 60 square feet of true surgical medical grade HEPA (standard),
30 square feet of true surgical medical grade HEPA  (jr)

Carbon filtration:  carbon/zeolite 15 lbs standard, carbon/zeolite, 7 lbs junior, or  HEGA carbon cloth

45lb  health mate, health mate  plus , pet machine, bedroom machine,
35 lb for allergy machine, 18 lb for junior health mate, junior health mate  plus,
12 lb for junior allergy machine  and babys breath

Standard 23”H X 14.5”X14.5”,
Junior 16.5” H X 11” 11”

Standard models have wheels, Junior model wheels are available for extra cost

All models have the same warrantee guarantees, quality 22 guage steel housing, and energy effecient PCS motor.

Air Filter Information

All have true medical grade HEPA for particulates such as dust pollen mold, but different carbon filters for chemicals, gases and odors. There are also 2 size models, the junior for a single room and the standard for larger areas.

All Austin Air cleaners deliver a complete filtration solution, removing a wide variety of particles, sub-micron particles, chemicals, gases, micro-organisms and odors. This includes such things as dust, mold, mildew, fungi, pollen, tobacco smoke, chemical vapors, gases, formaldehyde, fragrances, viruses and bacteria.