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Health Professionals

Health professionals and office staff
Health professionals see many people who are sensitive to dust , pollen, mold, animal dander, fragrances and chemicals. It is often very stressful for patients to have to encounter these triggers in their doctors office. When they are already sick or needing medical care they must come to the office. Patients are very grateful when they are able to have a visit in a safe environment. Even if the office has a fragrance free policy and makes sure the treatment rooms are safe, other patients may be wearing scented products. Cleaning staff or employees in adjacent offices may affect your patients. Repairs or renovations in the building may be circulated into your office via the heating/air conditioning system. The exposures that are out of your control can be remediated with an Austin Air fliter. if you leave it running overnight, the air quality will be vastly improved the next morning. Also you may use one in a designated treatment room for patients you know are sensitive and they may wait in there instead of in the main waiting room. The combination HEPA and carbon filtration system will remove hundreds of contaminants and allergens.
Your staff and patients will benefit greatly from healthy air quality in your office.
Many employers use an Austin Air filter for staff who are sensitive. They can put the filter next to their desk or in their office.
The Austin air is very quiet on low and can be run continuously during the day and used on high during off hours for maximum filtration. You can also clear a small treament room quickly if a patient has been wearing strong scents to protect future patients and staff.
An investment in an Austin air filter can improve your practice as appreciative patients will share their experience.