Customer Comments

My air filter is like my best friend. I always run my air filter next to my chair at work where I am a legal assistant. I have chemical and fragrance sensitivities so when clients and co-workers have smells or chemicals that adversely affect my health, I turn up my air filter and it quickly cleans the air around me. I believe if I did not have my Austin Air filter, I would not be able to continue my job . My air filter allows me to have the freedom to work in a public office setting where I am confronted daily with other people’s fragrances and chemicals,.I’ve been using the same machine for several years every day all year (except most weekends). It is very durable. My Austin air filter works great for me.
Linda W Colorado Springs CO

My Austin air filter has been a life-saver at work. Now, when a co-worker with fragrance enters my work space, my Austin cleans out the air in no time. My Austin Jr. enables me to work in an office environment.
Donna P Tampa FL

“My Austin air filter keeps my home smelling fresh, which is no easy task with two cats. It blends in with the rest of my furniture and my cats don’t mind it one bit!” – Amy P St Petersburg FL

We recently moved into a rental and I didn’t know if the Austin Air Filter worked. Well, we feel better and house is cleaner. I am convinced that this works for us, I just didn’t realize it in the larger home. It is now centrally located and we run it all day. Good for health and breathing, I am an Asthmatic.
Renee W Sacramento

The Ausin Air Filter has really improved my life. Living in Manhattan we don’t exactly have the best air quality to begin with, but even when pollen season comes around, the air in our house is great! And my allergies are under control. I don’t know what I would do without it!
Micheal G New York, NY

After moving into my new rental house, I could not get the scent out of the guest room. Steaming the carpets, scrubbing the walls, it was hopeless. Until I rolled my Austin Air Filter in, and Ahhh……Fresh, clean, air at last!
Marie H Twin Peaks CA

The Austin Air filter is a godsend. The air quality here in Sacramento is very poor with all the surrounding agriculture not to mention everyone using blowers to clean driveways and sidewalks. I leave my filter on low continuously in the bedroom and sleep better than I have in a long time.
Stephen W Sacramento CA