Create a Safe Zone


Austin Air filters are engineered to be able to create a safe zone air pocket.

For immediate relief from an exposure you can breathe right in the airstream of pure clean air that is directed from the filter.

The powerful outflow concentrates the air right near your face. The air is drawn in on all four sides ( 360 degrees) but not from the bottom where it could suck up particles from the floor. This volume of air is then blown out a single vent on one side of the upper deck, creating a strong stream of pure clean air that can be directed anywhere you point it.

You can direct it at your bed while sleeping or your desk while working at the office. If you don’t want to wait for the whole room to be filtered, this gives you an immediate safe zone.

My grandson loves to stand in front of the air filter with his pinwheel and watch it spin while it blows his hair.
He has asthma and allergies and wakes up less stuffy when he sleeps with the air filter on.
He also likes to take a nap with the air filter on. He seems to sleep longer and is not disturbed by the phone or other noises in the house.