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Create a Safe Room

Many people cannot afford to do all the projects to create a healthy home at once. Creating a safe room gives you a place to recover if you are being affected by poor air quality at home. The bedroom is a logical choice.

The more you lower the contamination and irritant load in the room, the more effective your Austin Air filter will be. You will be breathing pure air all night.

Remove everything possible from the room that you think could be affecting your health. When you are better you can reintroduce it. This includes anything scented, cleaning products, fabric softener, dry cleaning, offgassing items.

Furniture containing particle board contains formaldehyde. Plywood has less. Veneers are often covering particle board, often in baby furniture. Use older aired out furniture or hardwood. Metal is very inert.

Bedding: wrinkle free or permanent press bedding contains formaldehyde which cannot be washed out. Use 100% cotton

Fabric softener contains chemicals (even unscented) that remain in the fabric and are absorbed into your skin. Children will absorb these toxic chemicals.

Dust mites are found in mattresses, bedding, upholstered furniture, curtains,
Use allergy covers, on pillows especially.

Wash all items possible in very hot water to eliminate dust mites.

Keep humidity to below 50% or as close as possible to eliminate mold growth and dust mites.
Plants can have mold spores in the soil.

Carpets are difficult. Do not use treatments with added chemicals, fragrance or mold retardants, spot removers. Dry thoroughly after cleaning.

Clean walls, ceiling fans and all surfaces with hot water and vinegar.

Reduce clutter to control dust, and airborne particles like pollen, mold spores.

Do not use pesticides.

Make sure the filters on your heating/Ac systems are clean.

Use an Austin Air filter on the high setting whenever you are not in the room, use the quieter setting when you are in the room.

Keep the door closed, do not wear shoes that have been outside in the room.

By reducing your total exposure load, you should experience a significant improvement over time.