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As parents , we want to do everything we can to protect our children’s health. We cannot always avoid what they are exposed to outside so it is even more important to keep home a safe haven.

Indoor air pollution has become a serious problem due to tighter construction and outgassing of building materials, carpets, many commonly used household products, fragrances, chemicals and pesticides. Young children spend a lot of time at home so good air quality is important.

Studies conducted by the Battelle Memorial Institute, funded by the EPA, have shown that dust tracked in from the outdoors will contain measurable amounts of pesticides and other chemicals. For children crawling on the floor and breathing in carpet dust, this can be dangerous.

Children’s bodies are smaller so the concentrations they are exposed to are higher .
Most safety studies use single large exposures to assess health effects. Newer research on chronic low level exposure ( which is more accurate in real life)
has shown that small amounts of toxins may have measurable effects on developing brains at critical developmental stages. The combination of many toxins at once can have an effect that is greater than single exposures. There are hundreds of new chemicals that have not been thoroughly tested.

The percentage of children with asthma continues to increase. Eliminating the triggers causing asthma in your home can make a big difference. Even if you do not have pets, visitors may carry pet dander into your home on their clothes. Pollen and mold spores will be carried in form playing outside. Fine dust particles can remain suspended in the air for days, especially after vacuuming.

Eliminating exposure to allergens and toxins is important and children are far more vulnerable to the effects due to immature immune systems. Preventing the cause of illness can reduce symptoms that require medication.

Austin Air True Medical Grade HEPA removes 99.97% of all particles larger than .3 microns, removes 95% of all particles larger than .1 microns which includes pollen, dust , dust mites, mold,pet dander, viruses and bacteria. The
Carbon filter removes hundreds of chemicals, VOC’s , smoke, fragrances, odors.

The soothing white noise seems to help babies sleep peacefully and you have the peace of mind knowing they are breathing pure clean air.