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The aim of acupuncture treatments are health and well being. Creating an office environment that is healing requires good air quality.

Moxibustion treatments are effective but can cause irritation due to the smoke, especially for respiratory patients. Practitioners and students are exposed to greater concentrations of the smoke. Residual smells can penetrate the whole area, affecting patients who cannot tolerate them and denying access to treatments that could really help them.

In the APRIL 2010 issue of ACUPUNCTURE TODAY, The Tri State college of Acupuncture published the results of a study on air quality in their clinical training room when moxibustion was being used. These rooms had a ceiling mounted active ventilation system. Of particular concern was the presence of RSP’s ( respiratory suspended particles) at higher than acceptable levels. These smaller particles go deeper into the lungs where they can affect small airways (alveola) Extremely small particles, 3 microns or less, can be suspended in the air for 3-4 days.
The EPA indoor environment division says that health effects from particles at this size can range from irritation to the eyes and respiratory tissues to more serious effects such as cancer and decreased lung function.

Results of this study confirm that the adverse effects of smoke from moxibustion pose a risk to practitioners and patients and reducing exposure is an important issue. The Austin Air filter uses HEPA filtration which removes 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns and larger and 95% of particles .1 microns or larger.
It also contains 15 lbs of granular carbon/zeolite for the adsorbtion of gases, smoke , odors and chemicals.
The Austin Air filter is an excellent solution for remediation to reduce the risk of exposure with moxibustion treatments.
Some practitioners use lotions with herbal ingredients that have very strong odors. Ventilation systems in some buildings are inadequate. Good air quality is an important component of a treatment room. Many patients are sensitive to respiratory irritants, have allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities Previous clients may be wearing fragrance which will affect the next patient. Patients with infections may be coughing in the waiting room
The Austin Air will filter bacteria and viruses, fragrances and pet dander that may be on peoples clothes.

Leaving the air filter on high overnight will transform the air quality of your office by the next morning.