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Why I sell Austin Air filters

I have had severe asthma and allergies since birth.
I also have chemical sensitivities to many common substances.
Because of this I cannot be in most normal environments.
I have built a nontoxic home and my health and quality of life has improved incredibly.

Air quality was the number one guiding principle in every aspect of construction in the house and I did extensive research on air filtration.
I found Austin Air filters to be the best choice. Austin Air is very cost effective for the range of filtration it provides. I think it is superior in performance to many filters that are far more expensive, including whole house units.

I have 2 sisters with health problems who use them in their offices at work. I have 2 sons with asthma who use them in their bedrooms at night. I have a grandson with asthma who uses one in his bedroom and the rest of the house as well. They have made a big difference in their health.

For me, air quality is something I value so much and get really excited about. It really affects my life every day. I have found Austin Air Filters to be the best and know they have changed my life.