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Many people are sensitive to fragrances and it is one of the most difficult exposures to avoid in daily life. If your health is seriously affected by exposure to fragrances you are at risk in any public place, including the doctors office and hospital. Your home is your only safe environment. It requires a lot of research and care about whenever products you use.

Dealing with exposures in the workplace can be a serious problem and has caused people to lose their jobs.

When people say they are sensitive to perfumes and scented products, people often say it is the smell that bothers them. It is actually the chemicals these products are made of that cause physical reactions. Many of the ingredients simply labeled fragrances are known to be carcinogenic, neurotoxic, respiratory irritants and sensitizers.

The ingredients in fragrances are not required to be listed on the label. The actual contents are protected by trade secret laws. There can be hundreds of ingredients in a product in untested combinations but it will simply be called “fragrance”. The Food and Drug Administration has jurisdiction over the fragrance industry. Other than about 10 banned chemicals, there are few restrictions on what may be used.

Many children are affected by scented products without knowing it, especially dryer sheets and laundry products. They are breathing them in and absorbing them through their skin.

Even if you do not use scented products yourself at home, people who come in your house usually do. Using the Austin Air filter can quickly purify the air and restore your safe environment.
The Austin Air Health Mate series uses 15 lbs of carbon/zeolite filtration to remove gases, fragrances, chemicals and odors from the air.
The Allergy Machine series uses a carbon cloth designed for military chemical exposure to remove gases, fragrances, chemicals and odors from the air.